NREC 2014 Project Report Presentations

Project leaders of the 2014 NREC projects presented their activities and results from the 2014 season at the CCA & NREC session at the IFCA Convention, January 20, 2015. Several reports were recorded and all the slide sets are available for download. View presentations.

NREC's Role in Reducing Nutrient Losses

NREC Council Member Dale Hadden from IL Farm Bureau reflects upon the importance of NREC's role in the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. Click here


2013 Annual Report

To view the 2013 Annual Report click on image below.
To access the full text of the 2013 project reports, go to the "Research" section.


NREC's Role in Supporting the 4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship

Jean Payne, president of the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association, discusses successful funding initiatives to support 4R nutrient stewardship efforts in Illinois.


NREC 2014 Project Descriptions

Click here to view descriptions of the 2014 NREC Projects.


Illinois NREC Video



NREC - The future of nutrient research and education in Illinois!

Our Priorities

  • Funding the Keep it for the Crop Nutrient Stewardship Program
    KIC was established in 2011 by the Illinois Council on Best Management Practices to promote nutrient stewardship in six priority watersheds established by IEPA. Go to for more information.
  • Reinvesting in Critical Nutrient Research to Sustain Soil Fertility and Enhance Crop Yields
    NREC will work with soil fertility experts to establish short and long-term projects to ensure the Illinois Agronomy Handbook reflects the best available science with regard to agronomic practices critical to crop production.
  • Determine Practices to Reduce Nutrient Losses from Applied Fertilizer
    Tile drainage systems pose a particular challenge in finding new methods to reduce nutrient loss- es. On-farm research coordinated by NREC is fundamental to proving that agriculture can reduce losses through voluntary, science-based approaches.
  • Communication & Implementation
    Research and education dollars are wasted if communication is insufficient to demonstrate the value of this investment to the industry and to the general public. NREC will fund a dynamic communications program to accomplish this critical need, implement what we learn and return the investment in NREC directly to growers and the industry.

Illinois Fertilizer Act

MRTN Calculator

a new tool to determine the optimum nitrogen rate for corn