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Field Notes – Recharge and Heat

Drs. Laura Christianson and Richard Cooke are continuing their work on the ground at the research fields south of the University of Illinois Urbana campus. Read about it here.  

Field Notes: Unusual Year – Unusual Response

FIELD NOTES - Douglas County August_9_2019 Research in Douglas County yielded some unusual responses. After all, it was an unusual year of rainfall.

2018 NREC Annual Report

The 2018 NREC Annual report has been released.

Cover crops for prevent Planting

Questions about using cover crops in prevent planting? Here are some answers relative to nitrogen management. FIELD NOTES - Cover crops for Prevent Planting_June 6_2019

Cutting the Grass

Lowell Gentry and his team have started gathering above-ground cereal rye cover crop (biomass) samples from one of their fields. The attached goes into more details.

N-15 – Why it’s important and how NREC is utilizing this important research tool

Illinois NREC works closely with our funded researchers to identify the most advanced tools available to help us better understand the fate of nitrogen fertilizers. Learn more about this important tool and see preliminary results.

Cover crops and water quality

In a field-size study area, Dr. Williard and his team are in the middle of a multi-year project at Southern Illinois University farms to look at relationships between cover crops and N availability to corn. What they have learned so far is that cereal rye is an...

New saturated buffer designs

Building upon past research, Dr. Schoonover and his team are demonstrating an alternative design of saturated buffers that address commonly encountered issues with the Best Management Practices (BMP) of saturated buffers. This new research will look at the alternative...

Do termination dates influence corn N requirements?

Current N management guidelines in Illinois are not adjusted for inclusion of cover crops especially with different cover crop termination dates. The termination date can influence the decomposition rate of cover crops in a corn cropping system and change the dynamics...

How wide? How deep?

Understanding the influence of tile depth and spacing on nutrient loss - does depth or distance count for something?  Research under way by Dr. Rabin Bhattarai from the University of Illinois leads a study investigating how tile depth and spacing variations impact...